Luis F.

With Miguel, you get more a lot more when it comes to real estate. He's very dedicated, knowledgable and creative in marketing, he does not wait for leads, he creates them and even though he's a straight shooter he's fair and able to adapt to different personalities. His GC background certainly rounds up his assets and puts him two notches above the rest. We had a property which we had tried two previous Realtors® and Miguel came in with an invested no-nonsense game plan and was able to market it on a fraction of the time the previous had it.

Luis M.

Miguel was our real estate broker on this property. He is a very thorough real estate professional. More so, he is very diverse in the knowledge that ranges from GC to property management to be a very savvy strategist assuring that his clients not only get the most out of their property but that are also well represented. I would want him in all of my future property dealings.

Angel C.

If you want to work with someone who will exceed every expectation in a job well done, Miguel is the person. He is a very resourceful, knowledgeable, and creative professional, able to bring the project team together towards the established goals. Having had the opportunity to work with Miguel, he has received my highest respect and I'm positive he will earn yours too.

Luis F.

Miguel is an absolute stand-up guy, with Vision and the will/capability to make those visions into reality. He has always done what he committed to doing, and a bit more.

Joseph Lang

Excellent service. I first met Miguel at the Landmark estate development back in early 2021 and I have been working with him ever since. He is professional in every way, answer's all questions with details, and assists in anyway he can. A true 5 star review.

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Miguel enjoys bringing people together and assisting them in coming together towards reaching a mutual goal, and that is why he love what he do, and do it successfully.

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